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MSN adCenter Parameter Restrictions (Param1, Param2, Param3)

October 18th, 2010

MSN adCenter gives advertisers the ability to define their own parameters for use with ad copies and keywords. The names of these user defined parameter are aptly named: param1, param2, and param3. (You can find more about adCenter defined parameters here: http://shevnock.com/blog/2010/10/microsoft-adcenter-dynamic-keyword-insertion-to-boost-performance/.) As with most everything in life, there are some restrictions on what exactly you can do with those three user defined parameters. Here is a short list of those restrictions:

{param1} – at most, this parameter can contain up to 1,022 characters. While this parameter does not have to be used as destination URLs for keywords, using this param1 parameter for keyword destination URLs does make the most sense.

{param2}, {param3} – these two parameters can hold up to 70 characters each. This parameter could be used for ad copy titles, ad copy text, display URLs or destination URLs.

A couple other general notes:

  • Even though {param2} and {param3} can hold up to 70 characters each, use caution when using it for ad copy titles and text. For example, even though {param2} can hold up to 70 characters, the expanded ad copy title can only be 25 characters long.
  • You can not nest user defined parameters (param1, param2, param3) inside each other. You can nest the adCenter defined parameters inside of the user defined parameters however.
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